The Leader in Histology and Cytology preparation


Over twenty-five years of excellent service and quality, has made Transpath Inc. one of the leaders in the field of histology and cytology. It has been and will remain the goal of Transpath Inc., to offer the same superior services of some of the larger, franchised labs, while keeping the benefits of a smaller scale lab. We offer friendly and personalized services to meet the needs of some of the best in the industry.


Our Reputation


It is our firm belief that reputation is a key factor in the success of Transpath, Inc. We are careful to monitor each and every case, and have extra steps to safeguard the privacy of both the doctor and their patient. All Transpath, Inc. team members are educated in privacy regulations continuously.


Our Customers






-Research Institutes


-Clinical Laboratories

-Veterinarian Pathology


-Government Facilities